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Narnia, Disney, and Anime

So, a couple of people have asked me about Narnia, so, here goes: I don't care. I find the Narnia books to be nauseatingly allegorical (while they are not technically allegories -- they are not isometric to the Christian mythos -- large portions of them are highly allegorical), poorly constructed ("Crud. I have children fighting in a war. Where are they going to get weapons? I know -- I'll throw in Santa Claus!"), and poorly written. I liked them when I was young and stupid, but rereading them at 12, I realized that Aslan is supposed to be Jesus, began to see how much else mapped, and tossed the books. J.K. Rowling and Philip Pullman are far more deserving inheritors of the spirit of E. Nesbit than Lewis. Even The Hobbit, for all its glaring flaws, is more original, more enjoyable, and more lively than the Narnia books, which are repressed by the zealous beliefs of their converted author who, like all those Christians that boycott Harry Potter and D&D, is unable to separate his real-world faith from the imaginary construct of what Tolkien called "secondary creation".

So, normally I would be uninterested in Narnia, but possibly willing to see it if someone else paid. However, I'm refusing outright to go, because my usual feelings of mild unease and distaste toward the Christian religion tend to flare into active hate around this time of year, as the levels of hypocrisy and exclusionism peak.

Tangentially, since we're talking about a Disney movie, Disney is doing an excellent job lately of repackaging my childhood and selling it back to me: in an act of great awesomosity, truebluejay gave me Ducktales Vol. 1, and cnorgard has now picked up Rescue Rangers Vol. 1. Now, if they'd just release some of the five-parters and Darkwing Duck...

The first two discs of Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi should be arriving today. It is, at long last, the final item on the list I made at Otakon '04, of things I saw there and wanted to watch. Unless I decide to watch Kiddy Grade, but the only reason I was interested in that was because the spaceship in it is clearly the evolved form of Latias. The episodes themselves were not that good.

Since I'm moving, I should probably find a source of fansubs other than the roommate. I want to keep watching Yakitate, as it is sublimely ridiculous.
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